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Isolate CBD – The Medhemp Difference

Isolate CBD has gotten a bad rap from low quality companies trying to make a quick buck. This has made it difficult for true contenders to flourish without a full spectrum product. We implore you to look past the predative full spectrum marketing, and read on to find out why isolate CBD – specifically our Medhemp non-GMO isolate – is the safest way to take CBD, while remaining super-effective.


A true isolate CBD product should be completely free of THC and other terpenes. At Medhemp, we’ve isolated only CBD to create our line of products – tinctures for people and pets, capsules, pain creams and massage oils. This means you never have to worry about failing a drug test for THC or experiencing any unwanted psychoactive effects, or the “high” of marijuana.


Though various cannabinoids have some medical benefits, CBD is the only one that has this vast and incredible number of benefits, backed by a laundry list of studies. These studies show that CBD itself can help with pain, inflammation, certain epileptic seizures, anxiety, plus the fact that it has antibacterial properties, anti nausea properties, and more. Other cannabinoids seem to (besides THC itself) only boast about a quarter of the benefits that CBD has. In other words, Medhem CBD isolate delivers the benefits one is looking for.


So many CBD companies offer a subpar product in terms of quality and customer service, but we truly believe that wellness needs to be treated with the utmost sincerity. You deserve a product that works. You deserve a product that’s pure. You deserve medhemp. Our CBD is derived from industrial hemp grown in the USA. All of our products are non-GMO and third party tested for a safe and beneficial experience.

With new CBD companies popping up every day, it’s difficult to know where to turn for help. You can trust that Medhemp will deliver an honest product with helpful customer service that has your back. Learn more at today.

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